CURRENT PROJECT: Obudu Cargo Airport

Currently, we are in Court with the Cross River State Government over the ongoing "Cargo Airport Obudu" where we sense a plot to take our lands without due process.

Our Aims & Objectives

To promote love, peace, harmony, unity, understanding, and cooperation among members. | To promote the welfare and social interactions among members. | To provide moral and financial support to members in times of need. | To initiate and promote development projects and programmes for the general progress of Okambi Community. | To improve the socio-economic condition of Okambi Community. | To promote the quest for learning among the youths of Okambi Community. | To encourage and promote family values among members and to give proper orientation and counseling to children of members in the cultural norms, beliefs and tradition of our community and Bette people. | Foster mutual understanding and cooperation with other organizations with similar objectives, as well as other chapters of ODA, and the mother council Back home. | To inculcate in members the spirit of religious consciousness/love. | To organize occasional public lectures, to enhance the social and economic activities of our community.

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